The Natural Healing Team


Shannon Eggleston

Naturopath, HHP, Partner, #1 Best Selling Author

Shannon is a graduate of Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing. Her studies include Mueller College of Holistic Health, the Southern College of Naturopathy, and the Guan An Min Hospital in China. It was in China where she came to realize the benefits of Chinese medicine, organic foods and supplements, food allergies and metal toxicity.

An established holistic speaker and author, Shannon is a lecturer for Standard Process on nutrition, and has spoken at several companies, schools, colleges, and associations. She has volunteered for many medical mission trips working alongside doctors.

Fun fact: Shannon was raised in Hawaii and assisted Ironman Triathlon competitors. She also provided nutrition and muscle therapy for the physically demanding commercial salmon fishing industry. You can find her surfing most mornings and sometimes hula dancing!

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Renee Ascencio 

CEO and Partner

As President of a $50M company, Renee was working 70+ hours per week, raising 2 small children and pursuing a Master’s degree.  Her health took a beating and she found herself having 3 back-to-back surgeries. This realization brought her to her current journey, where she became super proactive and educated – questioning the experts for the sake of her health.

After 15 years, she has learned the importance of three things:

  1. Mindset:  Choosing a positive mindset is critical when choosing to value your health and life.
  2. Nutrition: What foods to eat and how to fuel her body for energy and stave off illness.
  3. Exercise: Types of exercise most benefited her body.

This is more than setting a goal - it’s about developing a new and empowering lifestyle! Today Renee is empowered by the choices she’s made to take control of her health in a holistic fashion.

With an MBA from UC Irvine, she has a background in Appreciative Inquiry through the Westcoast Center for Positive Change along with several years of ongoing training and education.

Fun fact: You can find Renee tent camping most weekends and enjoying her rescue doxies – Sadie & Bentley.



Ingrid Rodriguez

Office Manager

Ingrid has recently started her journey with Natural Healing Center.  Her previous experience was with a boutique day spa where she learned about the aesthetic world and the importance of living a healthy and well-balanced life.  It starts with eating and living a healthy lifestyle, followed by taking care of your skin and body through high-quality skincare and therapeutic massage therapy.

Ingrid is very passionate about learning.  She enjoys educating and helping others based on her knowledge and experience so that they too can live and enjoy life to their highest potential.

Ingrid enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and discovering new places with loved ones.

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Shanna Butler

Patient Advocate

Shanna was born and raised in Surf City USA - Huntington Beach, CA and received her AA Degree from Orange Coast College. She found a love and passion for Nutrition and Holistic ways of healing at the age of 18, where she began to eat a true whole foods diet and implement organic whole food supplements and herbs into her life for ways of immune support and healing. Shanna is  now a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Integrative Nutritionist. 

She began interning with the Natural Healing Center in May 2014, and has since completed her Intermediate Training of Nutrition Response Testing. Shanna continues to expand her education to help improve the quality of life for each individual client. 

Fun Fact: On Shanna’s spare time you can find her hiking, surfing, snowboarding, dirt bike riding, reading or relaxing with loved ones. 

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Cathy Murphy

LVN, Aesthetic Assistant

As a busy mom and nurse, Cathy didn’t take the time to care for herself. It wasn’t until she reached 200 pounds and was tired and frazzled that she started down the path of Homeopathic solutions for long-term success. As Cathy focused on her health, eating well, and taking supplements that her body needed, the extra weight just came off. It was a step-by-step approach where she focused on one aspect of her daily habits at a time—and her looks transformed with those changes.

After losing her excess weight, she used VelaShape™ for those areas that wouldn’t budge. She enjoys helping women reshape their bodies, and owning their youthful looks for life.

It was a natural fit to work for Natural Health Center, where Cathy can share her enthusiasm and personal experience to help clients achieve the same level of success, health and happiness that she has found.

Fun fact: Cathy is a California girl who loves surfing. In her spare time, she teaches Hebrew and also reads Greek!