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Every day we help people lead healthier lives and realize the benefits of a balanced health-full lifestyle. Working together, we can help you reach optimal health. Here are some of our client success stories that cover the different areas of our practice.

I love Dr. Shannon! She will help you heal from the inside out.  Jen Zetterstrom

Dr. Shannon is one of my favorite persons in this world! She is a very lovely, caring, up beat, gifted by God, intuitive natural healer. She was able to find root issues in me when no one else could. I trust her and truly believe she has a genuine heart to see people get better.  Aimee Darden Sikele

I have met Shannon several years ago hoping she could help me in my health issues, and it was a success! Her approach takes all the guess work out of finding what was wrong with my physical health, Thank you for all the great support and wisdom you share. Marcus Barrera Professional Surfing Coach.  Marcus Barrera | Surfing Instructor

Dr. Shannon is amazing!! She provides such a welcoming and healing environment. Always has my best interest at heart and is so supportive throughout your healing process! Highly recommend to anyone looking for an excellent naturopath.  Kaitlin Ascencio

The word, “TRANSFORMATIONAL” describes my experience with Dr. Ryan! He has helped me in so many ways since I began seeing him in April of 2018. My primary chiropractic goal was to restore strength and flexibility to my right ankle which had been severely sprained 10 weeks earlier. Not only has that goal been accomplished, but Dr Ryan’s care has also Dramatically Improved other significant foot and hip issues, which had made many forms of exercise difficult for me for decades! I’m now having a great time walking trails, doing all kinds of exercises, and even dancing! Now that I’m capable of, and confident in, doing all these exercises, I’m stronger, have more endurance, and am far more flexible than I have been in years. Thanks, Dr Ryan!"  Gayle N.

I have been working with Shannon Eggleston for about a year and she has taught me so many wonderful things about my body, mind and overall health. I originally began with Shannon for a 'wellness check up'. Through her nutrition response testing, BEEMER therapy and FANTASTIC massages, my body is finally working in harmony. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!    Chris O.

The team at Natural Healing Center have made such an impact on my health - and the health of my family! With an excellent assessment of my health and some great, achievable steps to help keep myself on the path to better health and wellness! When I've spoken with Dr. Shannon and Renee at the office, I'm met with friendly, personalized care. At Natural Healing Center, you aren't just another number; your health and wellness are top priorities!

What I love the most, other than feeling better, more balanced and able to feel healthy at work and home, is the accountability I get from the team - ensuring that I stay on track with our game plan!     Nate P.

In just 2 short months, Natural Healing Center has transformed my health. I had gotten to a point where I just never felt well... I was always exhausted, had difficulty sleeping, was constantly sneezing and had itchy, watery eyes, and couldn't lose weight no matter what I did. After meeting Shannon and starting on my healing journey, I sleep soundly for 7-8 hours each night and wake energized and refreshed, no longer suffer from allergy symptoms, and have easily lost 12 pounds.

Shannon is highly knowledgeable and skilled in natural healing. She can lead you back to optimum health and wellness. She is a compassionate healer whose positive energy is infectious. She and her team have been an absolute blessing to me. I am so grateful that I met Shannon.

I highly recommend Natural Healing Center to anyone looking to improve their health naturally.    Trish E.

Dr. Shannon, Renee and staff, Thank you so much for always taking care of me. You guys have healed me when Dr's could not. Thank you.     Sid P.

Dr. I came to Dr. Shannon a month ago so sick and desperate. I've seen many doctors over the past 3 years and felt unheard and told I was fine while my body told me otherwise. I've dealt with severe abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, headaches, inflammation, exhaustion, etc. In one consultation Dr. Shannon validated my concerns and showed me there was hope. I am now one month into my treatment and seeing significant improvement! She is amazing at what she does and has a passion for it. Her staff and office atmosphere is fantastic as well. I feel very blessed to have found the Natural Healing Center because Dr. Shannon is helping get my life back!     Carrie M.

Dr Shannon is awesome!! She has helped me a lot. I recommend for you to see her. She is truely wanting to help people regain their health. I feel much better after seeing her.     Michelle L. 

Dr. Shannon is a blessing...takes the time to listen to what you have to say... and then knows how to heal you...brilliant in her field of know that someone is there when you need them feels very comforting... great personality...always positive... Part of the healing process... I feel so happy and blessed to have found her... Thank You Always...   Mindy S. 

After seeing Dr. Shannon for a couple of months I can tell you that I have never felt better in my life. I was not feeling the best when I started seeing her and it was really affecting my mood. Well, after just a few weeks of treatment I noticed a lift in my mood and attitude. I began to feel great, joyful and overall just really happy again. Who knew that I could feel this great? I have tons of energy, and I sleep for a full 8 hours of no problem and bonus part- my weight continues to balance itself effortlessly. I also recommend Dr. Shannon to my clients since she really is the best and you can tell she and her staff have one mission in life; t to help as many people as possible get healthy and live their best life ever.

Going to her office is a joyful experience as well, I really dislike going to Western Dr. offices, the environment feels sterile and like going there is not really helping much.  The difference at Natural Healing Center is the high vibration of the office and one can feel real healing is going on in that place. Anyway, I just can't say enough great things about Dr. Shannon and Natural Healing Center.      Nayelli C.

Before coming to Natural Healing Center, I hated getting up in the mornings because of all the pain I faced – severe, constant pain. I would sweat like a faucet out of the blue. The bottom of my feet hurt just to walk. I took pain medication 3 times a day, I iced my back 2-3 times a day. I was very depressed. In 16 years I never gave up, because I knew there was someone on this planet that could help me.

After coming to see Shannon and doing nutrition at Natural Healing Center I have had noticeable improvement and I look forward to starting my day with 50% less pain. Thanks to the Cellorgane Adrenal product, I have lost 55 lbs., my energy level has improved. I am now more active and my attitude has improved. Best of all, I no longer sweat like a faucet. I want to continue improving my health for the rest of my life.     Claudia S.

I had had Rheumatoid Arthritis for about a year and sought medical help and tried all types of gimmicks but to no avail.  I was in constant pain all the time.  I couldn't function and walk normally.  Getting out of bed in the morning was the hardest thing for me because of the excruciating pain and depression.  My life was miserable. A friend suggested Natural Healing Center (NHC), but I was hesitant due to the commitment involved.  Finally, I told myself that NHC is my last resort.  I must give it a try.  On March 31, 2016, I came to Dr. Eggleston out of desperation and I was willing to do whatever it takes.  Fast forward to July 29, 2017.  I am now functional, walking normally, and happy.  There were some surprises along the way.  My skin got better.  I used to use a darker foundation, now I am a shade or two lighter.  I've lost weight which I didn't expect.  Actually, I am back to my pre-marital weight (22 years ago) which I never dreamed of.  I am happier, less stressed, and content about my life despite the trauma I've been through.  Dr. Eggleston has helped me so much through nutrition, life style change, and coaching.  I am so grateful to her for helping me to get my life back.  It's been a tough journey, but 100% worth it.  Looking back, I am so glad I made the decision to come to Natural Healing Center.  I'll never go back to the way I used to eat and live.  Thanks to Shannon's team, I am a new healthy woman now.     Nancy T.

After seeking help from countless health practitioners and never getting any better, I was referred to the Natural Healing Center by a friend.

Tired of feeling so awful all the time, nowhere near a path to feeling better nor knowing what the root of the cause was for my failing health, I decided to give it a try.

I thank God, I was led to such an amazing person with such insight to how the body works. She was able to finally determine what was going on and why I had so many different issues going on. It's unfortunate it took this long to find someone who could get to the root of the problem, but thankfully we did.

I now feel like I have my health back. No more lethargy, pain, digestion issues, brain fog, adrenal issues, food allergies, and weight issues.

If you're tired of not feeling well, you should seriously consider The Natural Healing Center.     Amanda R.

15 years ago, I was hit by a drunk driver, instantly catapulting me into a life of near constant migraines that first year. For the next 3 years I had migraines 3-5 days a week, and then they 'settled' down to about 2-3 days a week. About 5 years ago I went off of gluten and that helped. I went to Shannon 3 years ago, feeling very tired and with lots of brain fog and depressed that I still had so many migraines. The first day Shannon diagnosed me with several other major food allergies (NOT caught in the traditional Allergist's office where I had been receiving shots for two years). After a month of detoxing these out of my intestines/body, I started feeling fantastic! The brain fog was gone, the migraines had plummeted, joint pain was much less, stomach and gut did not hurt at all and I just felt so much stronger, energetic and healthier!!

I just turned 50 this year, yet I am not depressed about this fact, since I feel SO much better than I did in my 30's after that car accident! Shannon has been such a blessing in my life, and of my family (as they have the real me back).     Robin R.

I've been seeing Shannon for about 1 month I would say and I can say with great confidence that I feel better than before. She and her team are very supportive and I smile every time I go there. She makes you feel happy and has a lot of experience to help with whatever is bothering you. I have a lot of confidence that I will keep getting better with her. I would recommend her to anyone I know. I've been to other practitioners and none are as knowledgeable as her and kind!  Adrian M.

I struggled very much with acid reflux and random bouts of inflammation throughout different parts of my body, especially my lower back and knees.  My stomach now feels fantastic and the inflammation has been drastically reduced and even gone in some areas.       Alicia L

This stuff (ASEA) is magic!  I have knee problems and within 5 seconds of using this, something magic happens – I have no pain!       Dimas B. Click here to watch Dimas's testimonial video!

It was hard but worth it…      Russell B. Click here to watch Russell's testimonial video!

I was swimming a 6:30 500M, now I’m down to a 6:00!  I feel stronger and have more stamina and energy!    John B.

I was referred by a friend, when I told her I wanted to lose some weight and wanted to feel better.   I have lost 13lbs in about 6 weeks, since I started with her and following her plan.  Education in proper nutrition really helped me.  Also learning about how some vegetables cannot be good for certain people and others are so beneficial, really helped me to know, what to stay away from, and others to eat in moderation. 
Shannon is very knowledgeable and has a lot of patience and compassion. I appreciate all the time that she has taken with me to explain and encourage me in my conscious steps to a better, healthier life. 
I am feeling so much stronger and healthier now.  I am grateful that I found this place and will refer others in the future.Oh yeah, the other thing I liked was that she will want you to bring in your current vitamins to be evaluated, so you can use those in your daily regiment and she doesn't push you to have to buy all her vitamins that they offer at their place.     
Montana B.

15 years ago I was hit by a drunk driver, instantly catapulting me into a life of near constant migraines that first year.  For the next 3 years I had migraines 3-5 days a week, and then they 'settled' down to about 2-3 days a week.  About 5 years ago I went off of gluten and that helped some.  Then I went to Shannon 3 years ago, feeling very tired, lots of brain fog and depressed that I still had so many migraines.  The first day there she diagnosed me with several other major food allergies (NOT caught in the traditional Allergist's office where I had been receiving shots for two years) that I did not know I had.  After a month of detoxing these out of my intestines/body, I started feeling fantastic!  The brain fog was gone, the migraines had plummeted, joint pain was much less, stomach and gut did not hurt at all any longer and I just felt so much stronger, energetic and healthier!!

I just turned 50 this year, yet I am not depressed about this fact, since today I feel SO much better than I did in my 30's after that car accident!  Shannon has been such a blessing in my life, and that of my family (as they have the real me back).     Robin

I was having heart palpitations and had just come out of an emergency room.  The doctors at the ER had no answers to why I was having palpitations.  They needed to do "more tests".  It turned out that it was my diet. Through Shannon's testing, she discovered I was allergic to certain foods. I changed my diet, took the supplements and in two months - NO MORE issues. The bonus was that I lost weight and I looked great.     Susan H.

I was always blessed with no weight issues until I reached menopause - then wham, I got hit with the fat stick.  Nothing I tried was working. After seeing Shannon, I have lost about 25 pounds.  I had my well woman checkup and my doctor was thrilled and amazed.  Thanks to Shannon I am rapidly approaching a normal weight and I'm doing so in a very healthy way!  The bonus is my blood pressure has returned to normal - no more BP medication and my hair is growing thicker!     Valerie S.

Shannon has worked with me to greatly improve my health.  Her approach is paying off. I told Shannon I wanted to have improved vision and also get rid of my dry eyes so I could maybe wear contacts again. This week I went to my Opthomalogist and he told me my prescription needed to change because my eyes had improved so much he needed to give me a weaker prescription.  Also, my eyes are moist again and I can wear contacts. Shannon really understands how to treat her clients’ medical issues.  You cannot go wrong if you see her.      Kim P.

A good friend of mine referred me to Shannon and her team after I saw how amazing she looked in a very short amount of time.  After finding out we had similar symptoms (feeling blah, tired, at times over emotional for no apparent reason, joint pain, weight gain, etc) I realized I was being controlled by the foods I ate.

I was ready to commit to feeling better and more in charge of my anger, anxiety and feelings of highs and lows. I was also ready to lose some weight and look younger.  Through my initial visit, Shannon was able to diagnose that too much sugar, refined carbs and yeast were to blame for my issues and that I needed nutritional healing. With the right nutrition and supplements your body can heal itself she said. 

In a month I have lost 13 pounds (during Halloween & Thanksgiving).  I am fitting into pants I haven't worn for over 2 years. My moods, anxiety and emotions are so much more controlled. I have decreased my caffeine dependency from 3-4 cups of coffee a day to one half cup of coffee a day. I have eliminated sugar and sweeteners from my diet and will continue with the detox for another month or so until I start adding the right carbs and right sugar (fruit) back in.     C.C.

I was having hot flashes, was weak and having stomach aches on top of shakiness, muscle aches and poor sleep. Now no hot flashes, no shaky feelings or stomach aches and great sleep!       Linda K. 

I am so blessed every time I visit Shannon!  She is so knowledgeable and thorough.  She was able to resolve my hair loss, low thyroid, "tennis elbow" and adrenal fatigue, as well as some other issues I didn't know I had!  I have much more energy now and clearer thinking than before.  The improvement in my health is well worth every penny I paid.  I highly recommend her!   Susan C.

I couldn't lose weight, always bloated, waking up several times at night. Seeing a dermatologist gave no relief of my skin rash and eczema. In just 2 weeks, I've lost 5 lbs, sleeping through the night and hardly any skin rash eczema!     Michelle A.

I was tired, depressed and stressed. I was in denial because everyone you talk to has stress. Now I have energy, feel positive and my clothes fit better because I'm no longer bloated!     Cheryl C.

The Natural Healing Center offers several methods of healing tailored to what your body wants.  Shannon always makes me feel welcome and important to her.  The results of the wellness your body receives in this program causes a chain reaction helping you discover other areas of your body needing and receiving healing at the same time, coincidently.  There are 2 steps to achieving your goal and to complete graduation. 
1.  Healing. 
2.  Priority rearrangement. 
Shannoncan help you with the 1st step but the 2nd step is your responsibility.  Shannoneducates you for step 2.  Graduation requires wanting to find new ways to do the same thing as before and changing your frame of mind.  I can testify to this.  Approximately 5 years ago I went toShannon.  She helped me accomplish wellness but I didn't follow through and take responsibility.  I "backslid" because everything was healed and as a result I returned to Shannonwith the same problem.  I am determined to fully graduate this time and am learning how to take responsibility and keep body wellness my #1 priority.  There are sacrifices but the reward achieved will greatly outweigh them.  Remain well.  Educate yourself with Shannon's help on keeping your body wellness your #1 priority.  Get with the program and stay with it.  You will be amazed!     
Gail L.

My grandson has not slept more than 2hrs since he was born 6 months ago. After testing and adjusting his formula, he now sleeps 12 hrs straight!     Beverley

Been working with Shannon for 3+ months now, using her expertise and lots of whole food supplements, watching & feeling changes occur and healing happening!!!     Dawn

Natural healing center is a wonderful environment and Shannon is a great doctor. She will meet your every need and heal you with food and natural supplements and teas. I've never had this much energy, I'm so much healthier, I've lost weight, all 100% naturally. Go see Shannon!!    Claire Allsbrook