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Did you know that your body is made up of 95-100 billion nerves and only 10% of them are capable of communicating and perceiving pain? If a spinal misalignment is affecting your nervous system and generating pain through 10% of your nerves, it stands to reason that it is also impacting the other 90% of your nerves that are controlling the rest of your body.

Dr. Ryan addresses your unique needs, whether it be back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscular tightness or tension. You may be searching for pain relief after an accident or experiencing an injury. Or you may suffer from a specific condition like chronic back pain or a spinal condition. The focus of the care Dr. Ryan delivers centers on restoring mental, emotional and physical well-being. This is achieved through the delivery of chiropractic care with the intent of clearing the nervous system of imbalances that are the result of structural shifts in the spine from stresses in all their varied forms. The role of chiropractic is one of restoring balance in the human body in order that the inherent-intelligence-within may function without interference. Dr Ryan is a chiropractor for the entire family and is additionally certified in Pediatrics, Pre & Post Natal, Large and Small animals. Dr. Ryan is Webster certified for helping pregnant women, especially those with breech presentations. From infants only days old to grandparents, to dogs and even horses, Dr Ryan delivers a unique brand of comfortable and gentle chiropractic care that is more than and far beyond neck pain and back pain.

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What makes Dr. Ryan different? Do you experience immediate relief after going to a chiropractor but find that it is only temporary and a need to keep going back? Dr. Ryan understands that chiropractic is not just about pain. It is about health and oftentimes there are nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that are the cause of chronically recurring subluxations. Once the underlying nutritional imbalances and deficiencies–almost inevitable in today’s world of poor diet, fast foods and toxic chemical overload – are found and corrected, the subluxations begin to stay fixed. Through lowering inflammation and promoting proper joint function, chiropractic care treatments can reduce your symptoms and heal your injuries naturally, greatly reducing pain and discomfort.

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  • Digital Structural Analysis
  • Autonomic Nervous System Testing
  • Infrared Spinal Analysis
  • Computerized Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test: Watch your health score improve as you heal.
  • Adjustment
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